Chihuahua size is determined by pure genetics. Two average size chihuahuas can produce puppies in a wide variety of sizes. Two 4 pound chihuahuas bred together can produce puppies weighing 2 lbs. to 6 lbs. as adults. The size of the parents does not necessarily determine the size of their puppies.

Each chihuahua carries genes that determine size ( +++---).

Plus symbol (+) adds size and the minus (-) symbol subtracts. So when two chihuahuas are bred together, these genes come together randomly in resulting puppies.

Chihuahua breeders use a weight chart to estimate the size of their puppies (No breeder can guarantee an exact size their puppy will be as an adult, but can give a good estimate). A puppy will grow to be as big as its genes allow it to be. Over-feeding your chihuahua will cause it to be obese. Keep your pup at a healthy weight.

Please remember that any chihuahua, regardless of size, can be a loving companion, and size should not be your criterion for choosing this special and wonderful breed. Puppy buyers should be more concerned with health, temperament, and quality of the companions they are seeking than with attaining a "teacup" size.

"Teacup" is not a term recognized or condoned by the AKC or Chihuahua Club of America.

The AKC Chihuahua standard states that a chihuahua may not exceed six pounds for show dogs.

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