Multi BIS. INT. AM. KOR. RUS. RKF. EUR. IT. MAL. PIL. TH. LV. EE. CH Boehm's Light Up The Nite


Flash is currently being shown by Erika Ceilutkiene of Lithuania. We are so happy and proud of both of their accomplishments. Flash currently has 12 championships: American, RKF, Korea, Russia, Eurasia, Philippines, Thailand, Belarus, Baltic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Also Asia and Pacific winner 2011 and Lithuanian winner 2012.
Thank you Erika for the wonderful job you have done with Flash.

Owned by Han Keum Dong ,Korea.. "Flash" Still in the ring winning at 7 years of age with a recent Best in Show! We are very proud of his accomplishments and very happy and grateful for the excellent love and care Mr Han has given to Flash. Flash currently has 12 championship titles from all over the world.